Event Questions And Answers

What is the date of Cincy Winter Beerfest?

Cincy Winter Beerfest will be held over two sessions on February 2-3, 2018.

Where is the Cincy Winter Beerfest held?

The Cincy Winter Beerfest is held at Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati.


No, our license does not permit anyone under the age of 21 to be inside the event grounds.

Where can I find parking?

This event is at a very popular common space and parking can be scarce.

Public transportation is a great idea when alcohol is involved and we highly encourage the use of Designated Drivers and programs like UBER. Click on the attached link for parking options https://www.parkingpanda.com/duke-energy-convention-center-cincinnati-parking#

Why is there a line to get drink tickets?

You will probably see a line at the ticket booths. Don’t let it scare you. It moves quickly. Why a line at all? It is our policy to check the identification of all who are drinking at the festival to ensure they are of proper drinking age. Due to the open format of the venue, it is necessary for you to purchase sampling and drinking tickets in order to drink at this event. To help the line move quickly, please have your ID ready- either a state-issued ID or a passport.

What is the appropriate ID to get in?

The event is open to the public of all ages, but in order to drink beer, you must present a valid form of identification. No matter what your age, please be prepared to show proper identification as proof of age in order to gain access to the drinking portion of the festival. Valid ID includes a valid state driver license with a photo; a valid ID card issued by a state with photo, name, date of birth and physical description; a valid passport; or a valid United States military identification card. We are unable to accept any foreign driver’s license (with the exception of Canada). Note that the identification cannot be expired at the time of the festival.

When do ticket sales cease?

Ticket sales stop precisely 30 minutes before the last call. Be aware of this when scheduling your visit to the festival.

When do taps close?

Last call will be 30 minutes before the ending time of the session. Last pour will be 15 minutes before the ending time of the session. That means absolutely no beer is poured after last pour. Security will do a sweep at the ending time of the ticketed session, asking you to leave the square.

Why aren’t the mugs made of glass?

We use plastic for safety reasons.

How can I find the beer I want?

You are more likely to find beers by distributor rather than by style or alphabetical order. The best way to locate the beer you want is to check the map- available at no cost through our website or find a printed version near the main entrance.

Will any of the beers run out?

Yes. Be prepared for beers to run out toward the end of the each session Why? For a variety of reasons: some beers appeal to the sampling appetites of many, and therefore sell faster – so there is a good chance that the beer “everyone is talking about” will probably run out earlier in the session. However, it will be pouring again when we open for the next session. If you are coming to taste specific beers, we recommend you come earlier in the session. The beer is ordered and provided so that the most number of people can try them.
Is there any food on site?
There will be several food trucks on-site offering a variety of great food and non-alcoholic beverages. These vendors usually accept both cash and credit.
Is smoking allowed?
Outside of the convention center.

Can I volunteer to pour beer?

We love our volunteers! Please refer to the volunteer tab on the website to see if there are still spots available.

Is there any alcohol besides beer on the premises?

Craft beer and Ciders are the only alcohol you will find on the premises. We do not have non-alcoholic beers, wines, or liquor at this event.

Are there any gluten-free beers this year?

Yes, we have several ciders available and try to get one or two other options as well… please refer to the beer list on the website.

I bought a VIP ticket ahead of time and now I can’t find it/can’t print it, what do I do?
FOR TICKET HOLDERS ONLY: If you purchased your tickets on the event website and are in need of customer service regarding your ticket purchase, please email admin@beerfesttickets.com for assistance.

I can no longer attend. Now what?

We’re bummed you can no longer join us! While tickets purchased ahead of time are not refundable, ticket holders may give their ticket to someone else to use- similar to a concert or other ticketed event.
What do we do in case of inclement weather?
Listen to Festival Staff for instructions. In case of severe weather, the venue may request you to take shelter in your vehicle or away from the venue.


– No weapons or firearms of any kind (regardless of concealed carry permit)
– No drones (remote controlled or unmanned aircraft systems)
– No drugs and/or drug paraphernalia
– No pets with the exception of service animals
– No bags larger than 14″ x 6″ x 14″
– Any item that can be used as a projectile or deemed as dangerous

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